Authentically timeless school photography.

Shaped by tradition and leading with innovation, Arthur Reed Photos proudly creates tomorrow’s memories today as Australia’s most trusted school photography company.

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Australia’s most trusted school photographers for a reason.

We’re no strangers to school photography, in fact, we’re the pioneers of school photography in Australia. Arthur Reed Photos has been family-owned and delivering high-quality school photos from our headquarters in Geelong since 1960. We intimately understand that school photography is much more than capturing an image and are committed to crafting imagery that truly captures the essence of your students.

Cutting Edge Technology

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality and service of school photography. Every photo is printed at the best commercial printing lab in our Geelong headquarters where we can control the quality down to every pixel. This advanced technology allows for a fast turnaround and assures the quality of your school photos every time.

Outstanding Quality

Arthur Reed Photos has the highest-quality photos on the market. Our products are designed to become lifelong memories thanks to rigorous photography and development processes. By ensuring the excellence of our photos and having on-site quality control, we assure all of our industry best practice.

Affordable School Photos

Community is at the core of Arthur Reed Photos and for generations, we have proudly delivered exceptional value school photography packages for families at affordable prices. It is important to us that every family across Australia is able to enjoy the lifelong memories captured by school photos.

Online Ordering

Our easy online ordering system takes school administration out of the equation, making it simple for parents to view their child’s school photos online, tailor their school photo packages and pay after school photo day. No more cash envelopes, and photos are delivered directly to the home address of the family.

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A range of photography packages for every occasion

Do you run a school in Australia? Are you looking for a way to streamline your school photo day? Perhaps you’re a business manager and you’ve been given the job of finding a photographer for the end-of-year photos or you need some marketing collateral. If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Primary Schools

We bring a balance of professionalism, enthusiasm and experience to primary school photos. Each of our photographers knows the emotional significance of being the one to photograph your child’s first school days.

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Secondary Schools

Our team provides a modern and efficient approach to secondary school photography with a proven process. This delivers a smooth-running, convenient photography experience for a wide range of public and private schools.

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Diaries & Student planners

With over 20 years of experience in the designing and printing of student diaries and planners, we know we can confidently deliver the best solution for your school.

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A personalised school photography experience

Unlike some of our competitors, Arthur Reed Photos offer custom solutions and personalised photography experiences for every single school. By tailoring your school photo day to your needs, we ensure it is an enjoyable stress-free experience for everyone.

Our dedicated account managers provide your school with one point of contact and a seamless experience when it comes to coordinating and organising photo days.

With our online ordering platform, parents are also able to choose their photo packages and view them before buying to ensure all of their needs are met.

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Quality guaranteed

You will love the standard of photography taken and the quality of our prints.

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Over 50 years experience

We have many years of producing outstanding results for schools and families in Australia.

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Average 3 week turnaround

Our turnaround process is quick because we handle the entire production in house.

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Only pay for what you want

Our unique online ordering system allows you to preview the photos and order what you want.

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Looking for a school photography company to deliver amazing results?

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