Authentically timeless school photography.

Shaped by tradition and leading with innovation, Arthur Reed Photos proudly creates tomorrow’s memories today as Australia’s most trusted school and sports photographers.

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At Arthur Reed Photos, our family of professional photographers are passionate about school photography.

Since 1960, Arthur Reed Photos have been industry leading school photographers, proudly partnering with schools and parents in providing a complete range of cutting-edge and innovative professional photographic services and products.

With our heritage to draw on, and years of expertise and experience, we understand intimately that school photography is much, much more than capturing an image; it’s a chronicle of a special moment in a child’s life and an everlasting memory for a family.

We are committed to crafting the best solution for your school with high-end imagery and gorgeous prints that capture your student’s special moments and milestones.

Now a second-generation family owned business, Arthur Reed Photos is proud of our long history of cutting-edge excellence.  Our school photos are printed in vivid colour at our very own in-house production studio. Everything we do is at our own premises so that quality is guaranteed.

A range of photography packages for every occasion

Do you run a school in Geelong or Melbourne? Are you looking for a way to streamline taking school photos? Perhaps you’re a teacher and you’ve been given the job of finding a photographer for the end of year photos? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Primary Schools

From the first day at school to the last we proudly record your child’s school journey capturing their smiles and year by year milestones.

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Secondary Schools

Our signature style aims to let the student’s personality shine in front of camera creating authentic lasting memories one photo at a time.

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Diaries & Student planners

Arthur Reed Photos Diaries offers an extensive range of bespoke diaries designed and tailored to suit your school’s guidelines.

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Sports clubs

We offer a variety of photography services and work closely with sporting clubs to ensure a seamless and stress-fee experience on the day.

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A personalised school photography experience

We have a simple, personalised and unique approach to our photography. You, our customers come first. Tailoring our photography sessions to suit your requirements makes photo days an enjoyable experience for everyone. Our state-of-the-art parent photo ordering platform means management of the process is a breeze.

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Affordable school photography with no compromise on quality

Community is at the core of Arthur Reed Photos and for generations we have proudly delivered exceptional value school photography packages for families at accessible prices.

Trusted photographers of choice by leading primary and secondary schools throughout Victoria, we are committed to providing outstanding school photography today, every day and in years to come.

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Quality guaranteed

You will love the standard of photography taken and the quality of our prints.

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Over 50 years experience

We have many years of producing outstanding results for schools and families in Victoria.

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Average 3 week turnaround

Our turnaround process is quick because we handle the entire production in house.

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Only pay for what you want

Our unique online ordering system allows you to preview the photos and order what you want.

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Looking for a photographer for your school photos?

Do you run a school in Melbourne? Are you looking for way to streamline taking school photos? Perhaps you’re a teacher and you’ve been given the job of finding a photographer for the end of year photos? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Welcome to Arthur Reed Photos; we perfect the art of photo day at schools all across Melbourne, from primary to secondary school photos.

There aren’t many school photographers that can boast a lineage going all the way back to 1960, but Arthur Reed can! Family owned and operated right here in Australia; the Reed family have been one of the leading school photography providers that Melbourne has to offer. Now operating in several regions, ARP is proud to be regarded amongst the most innovate of school portrait companies in the country and now take school photos in Victoria, Geelong and surrounding areas!

Have you ever tried to orchestrate a whole school photo? If you have, we applaud you. It’s a logistical nightmare that is rarely even possible. Disruptive to classes and a recipe for disaster, it’s just too difficult to control a large group of children in the time you have, never mind finding a space large enough!

In practice, many schools never get that whole school photo memory, settling instead for smaller class or group shots. ARP is here with the latest technology to change that for your school.

Using cutting edge green-screen technology, our photographers take individual portraits of each student and staff member. What this allows is a seamless experience with minimal interruptions to your class schedule!

Next, we take a photo of the area of your grounds or school building that you would like to serve as the backdrop to your picture.

From here, our amazing editors compile all the images into one large school photo; it literally couldn’t be easier for you. We’ll even send a proof to you for notes and adjustments before sending the hard copies in specially designed packaging for damage-free transit. We can also process the pictures into school diaries or school planners for you to purchase.

The best bit? You won’t even have to label the students yourself; our nifty software writes these on the back of every print, in order of appearance. All this so you can get on with what you’re meant to be doing – running your school!

All you have to do to enjoy a stress-free school group photo is get in touch, and we will do literally everything else. Visit our site to read testimonies from other schools that have switched to ARP and are now enjoying hassle-free picture days.

Booking your photographer couldn’t be easier, either. Once on our site, simply click on the ‘contact us’ link and fill out your details in our enquiry form or call 1800 032 028. We’ll walk you through all the options and create a package perfect for your school. Don’t suffer through stressful school picture days; pick up the phone and book your appointment now!

Ready to get started? Contact us today to see how we can transform your school photography.

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