How to prepare your child for school photo day [Tips Inside]

School photos become lifelong keepsakes that professionally capture your child each year of their development. Because these photos will become precious time capsules of your child’s early years, it is important to prepare them so they can enjoy the experience and take a favourable photo. For new primary school children, the process can be a little daunting. For secondary school children, whilst they may be used to the process, making sure your child is prepared for the day will result in a better photo. Having photographed millions of children, here are some of our best tips for photos that become worthy of wall space.

1. Save the date

As soon as you know the date of your child’s school photos, mark the date in your calendar or save it on your phone so you can get organised before the event. Having the date set in advance means you can make sure they have a clean uniform and, as is often needed, a post-holiday haircut before their annual school photo.

2. First-time school photos?

Prep-aged children tend to be camera shy, especially with a photographer they haven’t met before, so talk to your child about what they can expect during the experience. Simply tell them to be positive, follow the photographer’s instructions and that all they need to do is relax and smile for the camera. Our photographers have been working with children of all ages for a number of years and know exactly how to make sure your little one feels comfortable during the process.

3. Rested and ready

Easier said than done, but try to stress the importance of your child getting a good night’s sleep. No staying up late to watch the end of a movie before school photo day! You want your little one looking fresh and rested for their portrait. Sleep also improves your child’s mood and stress levels, so ensuring they have a restful night’s sleep will lead to a happy photo day experience.

4. A uniform you prepared earlier

Instead of doing laundry at 9 PM the night before, try to keep a uniform pressed and ready for the day so you’re good to go. Steaming or ironing polo shirts, skirts, skorts and slacks ensures a nice clean and professional look. Lint rolling blazers, shining shoes and cleaning your child’s hands and nails will ensure they look clean and fresh.

5. What to pack for photo day

  • A spare shirt uniform is essential, especially if there is an impromptu game of sport or a food accident at lunch. While most photos are scheduled for mornings, some shoots run into the afternoon giving your child plenty of time to get a little messy.
  • Hairbrush or comb to tame wild and unruly hair. Asking your child to give their hair a quick brush and comb before the click of the shutter can make all the difference.
  • Facial wipes if your child wants to freshen up just before the shoot and they can’t easily get to a washroom.
  • Lip balm can give your child a fresh look for the camera and remove signs of chapped lips.
  • A clean lunch such as a healthy sandwich minus condiments or snacks without coloured flavourings. In other words, avoid the Cheetos so you don’t end up with yellow cheese dust in your school photos. Considering your child’s meals and snacks can help reduce the risk of a stained shirt for photo day.

6. Photo day morning

Don’t forget to give your child a filling and healthy breakfast which will put them in a good mood for the day. Before they hop on the bus or you go to drop off, practice smiling for fun with your little one to put them in a good mood as they head off to school.

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