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Professional School Photos

Why is it so important to have professional school photos?

Children grow up so quickly. In a blink of an eye, they will be raising families of their own, so here at Arthur Reed Photography we specialise in creating personal, professional school photos – capturing tomorrow’s memories today.

Arthur Reed joined the camera club at school and began producing photos in a darkroom he created in the laundry of his parent’s house. Now, almost 60 years later, this family owned business is dedicated to harnessing the best technology to create excellent professional school photos. From individual portraits to whole school photos, we aim to create beautiful pictures that are great value for money.

The different types of school photography available

When it comes to creating memories in a preschool setting, Arthur Reed Photography takes several pictures of each child as they are playing and doing their usual preschool activities. With younger children, we really want to capture their individuality and showcase their imagination – we don’t stage our pictures, we allow them to play and use it as an opportunity to collect natural pictures of each child. 

Our primary school offering is rather more staged, with the emphasis on portrait pictures. These can be both individual and sibling, depending on what your school would like. Each portrait can be viewed before purchase, and we have based our packages on what we see is our most requested services. 

We also offer group pictures, whether that be a class, a sports team or a music group. These group pictures can be offered as a traditional picture – sitting or standing in a group – or we can create a composite piece, with individual thumbnail pictures accompanying the names and details of the group members. A combination option is available, where we use both a traditional group picture as well as each individual portrait with details.

The secondary school offering is much the same as the first, although we also have an elite package available. This package involves taking a second portrait in a location of the schools choosing – with additional purchase options available. This elite package is perfect for school leavers, as it captures extra memories and perhaps an important location within the school. 

For larger schools, the logistics of taking a whole school photo can be complicated. The impact on learning as time is needed to get everyone in position, the difficulty in finding appropriate locations, and the equipment needed are all factors that can be problematic in a larger school.

Here at Arthur Reed Photography, we take a different approach. Using the latest green screen technology, we take our individual portraits of students to our lab, and digitally insert them into a picture with a background area chosen by the school. This technique means that we can accurately record students’ names in the order in which they appear.

The team here at Arthur Reed Photography are experts in printing technology – not only do we create wonderful photos; we can also print many items to your exact specification. Having consistent branding for your setting is important for visual marketing.

Talk to us to arrange professional school photography

Our professional photographic experience isn’t only about schools; we also offer action photography for competitions, promotional material to raise funds for clubs, and group or individual portraits for sports teams.

If you would like to discuss how Arthur Reed Photography can help you capture your special moments, then fill in the contact form below or give us a call.

Arthur Reed Photos photographs many events on the school calendar – why not have our team come to your events throughout the year and capture the important moments for your school’s community. We have an experienced and talented group of photographers that regularly attend debutante balls, valedictorian dinners, communions, graduations and fundraising events. All images taken are available online for purchase using our secure payment gateway.

Have Arthur Reed Photos come to your school specifically to take some promotional images of your school and students. Our photographers will work with you to ensure that your brief is met and that you get a set of images to use for your own promotional material. All images will be made available to you either as a direct download from our portal alternatively we can send them to you on a USB.