Primary School Photos

Delivering the highest possible quality of photos for Australian primary schools.

We help primary schools make photo day a breeze, capturing the first of many treasured school memories.

At Arthur Reed Photos, we are in the business of creating lifelong memories for Australian families. We intimately understand the importance of portrait and class photos in the formative years of school and with over 55 years of experience, aim to provide a seamless school photo day for every school.

Our team has extensive experience in photographing children across all ages and in a variety of styles to capture your school spirit. We pride ourselves on a smooth photo day experience for primary schools that is enjoyable for the students and stress-free for administrators and teachers.

Our primary school photography at a glance.

Class Photos

We create a structured schedule for our class and group photos that can be tailored to your school. Our photography team will help discover the best place for your class photos to showcase your school grounds and offer recommendations for student class arrangements and staging.

Portrait Photos

Portrait photos are timeless keepsakes treasured by all family members. At Arthur Reed Photos, our experienced school photographers capture every student in a variety of poses and ensure that the best possible photo is achieved in a limited time frame.

Family Photos

Family school portraits are important memories for so many families. At Arthur Reed, we go beyond expectations to ensure every family has portrait photos taken so no one misses out. We also like to provide an element of difference to these photos by including some fun shots such as back-to-back and the cuddle shot between siblings.

Image Database

Within days of your photo shoot, your image database will be updated with all of the new student photos. Our team will work with the school administration to develop an easy-to-use staff and student directory and ensure every child’s name is listed with the correct photo.

Online Ordering

Our innovative online ordering system makes it simple and easy for families to order school photos. Parents can view the photos prior to ordering and choose which school photos they want to order, completely tailoring their experience. There is also no deadline for ordering school photos and with an online portal, there is no need for cash collection at school, relieving school administrators of this duty.

Additional Photos

We take pride in ensuring that we fulfil all of the school’s photography requirements. Our teams will take class and portrait photos as well as leadership photos, school captain portraits and team photos. Within our additional services, we also can provide marketing photos, graduation and event photography should your school want to have these memories professionally captured.

Making it Simple for Schools and Parents

We produce outstanding photos and deliver excellent customer service to all school administrators and parents. Our dedicated account managers work with schools to provide a seamless school photo day experience and simplify the ordering process.

Some of the ways we make it easier for our schools include:

  • Providing you with the assets needed to promote school photos in your e-newsletter and on Compass, Synergetic and Icon.
  • Developing a secure online portal for parents and school administrators to use for ordering and data transfer.
  • Keeping in touch regularly with key points of contact and providing regular updates about the status of their photos.
  • Creating an easy-to-use staff and student directory for school admins.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is one of our company policies that all photographers have their ‘Working with Children’ accreditation.

If you have lost your order flyer and registration code please contact our customer service team on 1800 032 028.

Yes! Our online ordering system has been tried and tested for many years and we ensure that our system is both PCI and GDPR compliant meaning that your details and payment information are safe and secure.

Our online ordering platform accepts a variety of payment methods including both Visa and Mastercard, along with other options such as POLi Pay and ZipPay.

No, with our online ordering platform all orders are placed AFTER photo day so that you get to see your photos before buying them.

Yes, if you have registered using the Code supplied on your child’s flyer you will be notified once the photos are ready to view and order. If you misplaced or didn’t receive a flyer on photo day, contact our team to get your code. Please note that you will need a new code each year for your child.

Yes, if your school has opted to have sibling photos taken on photo day. These photos will also be added to your online account to view and order after photo day.

Yes, you will need to have each child’s unique image code and add each one to your online account. From there you can order for each child and checkout in one payment.

Enjoy the easiest school photography experience imaginable by contacting ARP today!

Pick up the phone and dial 1800 032 028 to speak to a specialist about your school’s needs.

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