What do parent’s need to know before school photo day?

There was once a worrying time when a parent’s knowledge of school photo day was reliant on the safe passage of newsletters and forms in a child’s schoolbag. Thankfully, schools now have access to digital communication systems and better yet, online ordering systems that allow parents to avoid schoolbag voids. We previously shared some tips to prepare your child before School Photo Day, but here are some helpful insights on getting ready for school photo day with Arthur Reed Photography.

Save the date

Playdates, music lessons, school concerts, dress-up days, exams, and appointments. There’s no doubt, your child’s schedule fills up pretty quickly. To make sure your child is ready for the day, set yourself a reminder a few days before school photo day to get any clothes or haircuts sorted. We liaise with schools well in advance of school photo day to secure a date so they can inform parents with plenty of notice.

The whole uniform

As a parent, you’ll have the task of ensuring your child’s uniform is pressed, clean and ready to go on photo day. If the school hasn’t informed you, make sure you get clarity on which uniform components are needed. Students may be allowed to wear their basic summer uniforms or be required to take more formal shots in blazers and hats. If your child participates in clubs or sports, there may be extra days scheduled to capture these activities. As a general rule, have all and any uniforms ready for photo day so you aren’t rushed or pulling apart the laundry to find what they need.

Your order code

Arthur Reed’s flexible online ordering system means you no longer need to worry about ordering photos prior to the day using a form. Your photos will be available with our online ordering system within one week of school photo day. You will be sent a unique code via email or SMS. The online ordering system saves the school administration time and offers you a direct point of contact if you need further information about your school photos.

It’s incredibly easy to order. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Visit https://www.arphotos.com.au/order-your-photos/
  2. Select the relevant option from school photo, school team and event photos or sports club photos. This will automatically launch our ARP portal.
  3. Type in the unique code to the box (sent by us via email, SMS or letter)
  4. If you do not have a code, simply click the link provided. You can email us for access.
  5. Preview, approve and order your selected prints.

Photos sent direct

The condition of your photos will no longer be at the mercy of your child’s handling. To ensure the safe passage of your chosen photos, Arthur Reed Photography will mail photos to you directly. We have a dedicated mailing centre where your photos will be professionally packaged so you receive them in perfect condition. Digital downloads will be available automatically. You can generally expect to receive your school photos within three weeks of ordering.

A point on safety

Our online ordering system’s privacy and security surpasses Australian requirements and is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. This way you can rest assured that your child’s imagery and visibility is safe and protected.

Choose Arthur Reed Photography

As Australia’s premier provider of school photography, we pride ourselves on creating lasting memories for schools and families. We offer an easy online ordering system for parents and schools. If you want to learn more about our system, please reach out on 1800 032 028 or contact us online.