Why you might need more than one school photo day

We all know school photo day is one of the most important days in the school calendar. For parents, it’s a chance to capture a portrait of their child looking their best in a professional and keepsake image. For administrators and business managers, it is an opportunity to get great promotional photos to attract new families. The whole day needs to run smoothly for obvious reasons. If you have a large number of students or want to invest in high-quality promotional photography, we’ll work with you to break up your photo days so all of your school’s required images can be properly captured.

Here are a few reasons multiple photo days could be beneficial to your school.

Capture Everything 

When everything is scheduled for one day, class and student photos will take priority. This means that some of your photos may not make it onto the run-list if you run out of time. Multiple photo days allow you to be able to capture photos for extra-curricular activities and marketing materials such as:

  • Team and club photos
  • Promotional photos of students
  • Current photos of the school grounds and facilities
  • Student leaders

As well as being purchased by families, these photos also can be used in media releases, newsletters and at school events. They are a fantastic way to show your appreciation of your students and their success to parents and the greater community. 


There’s always one or two children away sick on school photo day, but if your school photos are scheduled across a couple of days, you have a better chance of capturing the entire student body. With multiple photo days, you can also allow part-time staff members to nominate their preferred day and arrange the staff photos accordingly.

Wet Weather 

School photo day is an opportunity to highlight your school’s best assets, especially your beautiful grounds. As the weather is wont to do, it doesn’t always serve up the sunshine. While your class photos may be moved to a wet weather location, a second school photo day offers an extra opportunity to capture the grounds. Given that parents often assess schools by the state of their facilities and buildings as well as their scholastic reputation, it’s important to show your assets in the best possible light.

Good PR

Every school needs marketing photos to attract new families to the school and continue to promote their reputation to the community. A second photo day will allow you to allot specific time to PR photos rather than try to squeeze them in after the student shots. Updating your promotional photos each year means you can properly showcase your growing school community, new buildings and facilities or fresh faces.

These photos are also incredibly helpful when it comes to applying for grants, promoting co-curricular activities and asking for community involvement. They make it easy for people to recognise your school and inform people that you like to invest in your students and their success. 

How should you organise your school photo days?

At Arthur Reed Photos, we will work with you closely to create a detailed running schedule. We recommend booking your session as early as possible so you can choose your preferred dates. Bookings made well in advance means you can notify students, staff and teachers as early as possible of the school photo dates. This means uniforms will be ironed and hair will be cut in time for the big day.

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