5 reasons to become a school photographer

Photography is an exciting and artistically rewarding career. While for some it may be a hobby, it can also be a well-paid job with a good income. Depending on what you are drawn to, it could be about finding beauty in the everyday, or exploring the natural world on a large scale. For others, it’s about capturing human expression and emotion. Being a photographer is also a way of contributing to history. Some of the most famous moments in time will forever be best remembered by the images that live on long afterwards. In the world of school photography, and unlike general photography, you’ll find that the images you create are considered more precious than any other.

1. Reliable Day Work

As a freelance photographer, chasing work and getting photography clients in the pipeline is a never-ending task. While plenty of photographers find work this way, getting on board with a reputable school photographer means regular, reliable work and income. With thousands of schools in Australia alone requiring school photography on an annual basis, there is plenty of work to go around. The other benefit of being a school photographer is that the shoots usually span one or two days during the week. Event-based photography such as weddings, celebrations or other occasions usually fall on evenings or weekends which can be inconvenient. Rather than having to organise everything yourself, you will also be supported by the admin team and account managers when it comes to organising the event so you can look forward to smooth and seamless school photo shoots.

2. Join a Community

Photographers who operate solo often have to plug themselves in and invest in self-advertising to attract clients. Freelancing can also be a lonely road. When you join a school photography provider, you’ll likely be one of several photographers who are assigned to photograph a range of primary and secondary schools. Being part of a passionate team with aligned goals is highly rewarding, and will also mean you are surrounded by like-minded colleagues and peers with whom you can share your successes. Not only will you make friends but you will be extending your photography network which may lead to referrals for other gigs down the track. At Arthur Reed Photos we pride ourselves on a positive and encouraging atmosphere where our photographers form a close and respectful team.

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3. Working With Children

They can be a little unpredictable but for the most part, children are intrinsically good and well-behaved for school photo day. After all, they don’t really want to disappoint their parents with a bad photo – or have said photo on the wall in the hall for all eternity! Given photographers sometimes have to wrangle intoxicated wedding guests into acceptable photos, working with children for class photos and portraits can be an absolute joy. From working with cute preps to capturing some of those crazy teen looks and prominent orthodontics, the positive and hopeful energy that emanates from school-aged children is an absolute treat.

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4. Portfolio Credibility

Working your way up to a portfolio bristling with photos can be a challenge, especially for photographers who are just starting out on a commercial photography path. Even with plenty of experience, potential clients are always going to be looking for proof-points that reassure them of quality work. When you join a reputable school photography provider such as Arthur Reed Photos and have this listed in your profile, future clients will be immediately confident that they are working with a seasoned professional. This is especially important when you are looking to attract regular work on either side of the main school photography season.

5. Making Memories

When you become a school photographer, you are helping to create very special memories for families. Photos of children are the most precious images in the world, and professional school portraits are treasured by parents and in time, the students themselves. School photos aren’t just quick snaps taken on a phone that run the risk of being forgotten or deleted. They are high-quality professionally staged photographs that are almost always ordered, kept and displayed. Because these pictures are properly produced and developed with advanced equipment on premium photography paper, you can be satisfied that the memories you are creating really will stand the test of time. Those pictures may not become famous, but they hold an incredible amount of meaning for the people who will receive them.

Consider a career with Arthur Reed Photos

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