5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Child’s School Photos

In the digital age, we have a seemingly endless collection of pictures of our children. The resolution available now on most smartphones is agreeably impressive, but there are many more elements that are considered during a professional photography session. Even though you have thousands of photos of your child, here’s a number of reasons why professional school portraits are a worthwhile investment.

1. Higher Resolution

Most smartphones today deliver high-resolution pictures with advertisements often boasting phone cameras with an apparently impressive pixel count. Unless you know how to harness your phone camera’s true capabilities, reduce noise and balance light, the resolution will never compete with the quality you’ll receive from a professional photo. School photographers use top-of-the-range cameras with megapixel counts into the hundreds. These cameras boast advanced technology such as control over depth of field, lens options, sensors, shutter and focus speeds, light sensitivity and more.

2. Quality Production 

It isn’t all about the camera pixels. A good quality photograph requires a solid post-production process to ensure the best possible end result. At Arthur Reed Photos, all images are reviewed and edited where necessary to deliver school photos that will last for a lifetime and longer. Our photo lab follows strict guidelines and harnesses the latest technology to output an extremely high level of quality with every single photo.

3. Good Stock

If you’ve ever printed your photos at home or headed into Officeworks, the quality can be questionable. Photo stock should be specified to match the printer’s capabilities and there is a huge difference between what’s available for purchase at your local store and what is used by professional photographers. At Arthur Reed Photos we have built relationships with reputable suppliers to access the best available acid-free, high gsm photo stock for long-lasting memories.

4. Physical Keepsakes

We have far too many photos stored on our mobile devices, many of which go into the cyber void when we switch phones or fail to back up our media. Many milestone images live on our social media feeds, but those platforms immediately reduce resolution and quality upon upload so aren’t reliable sources for reproduction purposes. A school photo, however, when ordered and framed, is unlikely to be misplaced. Taking the time to order and pay for a professional school image means you will place a higher emotional value on the photo and make efforts to display it and keep it safe. We recommend ordering multiple copies in case something does happen to the original. Of course, you can also download a digital version with your physical photo for reprinting. 

5. True Time Capsules

We know how quickly they grow, so what’s lovely about school portraits is being able to watch just how much they change over the years. Our staging and backdrops are developed to bring out the most natural-looking, detailed and well-lit portraits of your young ones. Given students make an effort to look their best and are usually wearing the same uniform, these pictures offer a unique comparative insight into your child’s growth and development. Having a collection of school portraits from across the years is something you’ll enjoy and treasure long after they’ve graduated (as much as they’d prefer you don’t put them up on the walls). 

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