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School class photos available

Primary School Class Photography

The funny thing about photos, in the days of Instagram and Facebook, is that the ones that show a true picture of who we were at that moment become the most cherished of all. In every home up and down Australia there’s a photo – you know the one. The one taken when your two front teeth hadn’t quite grown back yet, or your mum had decided to cut your fringe herself. 

You’re beaming at the camera in full sparkle because it was the day you had your primary school photos taken. These are the photos that we hold on to the hardest. Decked out in the school’s colours, sitting side by side with best friends, we know how important it is to capture that beautiful moment in your school class photos.

Have your primary school photos taken properly 

Arthur Reed Photos have been making these moments since 1960, and we’ve never failed to catch each child’s unique smile. It’s not as simple as just pointing the camera, our photographers know how to put children at ease so that they can enjoy their primary school class photos today, and for every tomorrow. 

Our photographers are highly trained experts, and our company is one of the few that is truly family-owned and operated. That’s how you know that we really care. Children’s photography has been in our family for generations; we love making your precious moments and providing you with packages to preserve those precious memories.

Professional photographers who specialise in primary school photography

Everyone thinks they’re a photographer these days, and even we have to admit that technology is advancing at such a rate there’s some pretty nifty kit out there for amateurs. Before you’re tempted to let your school administrator snap away on her new Canon Camera, though, here are some things to consider about why a professional photographer really is best. 

#1. It’s not just the camera

Yes, you might have great lenses or a snazzy camera, but do you really know how to get the most out of them? Auto settings are useful, but they aren’t able to do what a highly trained eye can with subtle adjustments and manipulation. A real school photographer knows just how to capture the light, subject and moment for that wow picture.

#2. Focus!

Place a pro and amateur photo side by side and you’ll see the difference straight away, blurred edges next to crisp definition – there’s no contest.

#3. Ease

Our photographers know how to make people feel comfortable in front of the lens; they do it all day! A professional really can make you forget you’re even sitting for a portrait.

#4. Edit

Much of the magic is in the editing, choosing the right shot, cropping, cutting and adjusting until your images look just right.

#5. Results

For all these reasons and more, a professional is going to produce superior quality images. For examples and testimonies just take a look at our website!

Pick up the phone to order your prints 

Enjoy the easiest school photography experience imaginable by contacting ARP today. Pick up the phone and dial 1800 032 028 to speak to a specialist about your school’s needs.

Portrait Packs


Parent's Choice Pack (A Pack)

  • 1 - Personalised photobook,
  • 1 - Larger size 25 x 20 cm portrait with border
  • 1 - Larger size 25 x 20 cm B&W portrait with border
  • 2 - 18 x 13 cm portraits
  • 2 - 15 x 10 cm portraits
  • 3 - 8 x 5 cm portraits
  • 1 - Personalised Bookmark + 1 Personalised photo sticker sheet
  • 1 - Group photo

HIGH RESOLUTION digital image download when photos ordered online

parents choice pack

Family Packs

If you would like to order your family photo you can do so online or fill out and return a family envelope on photo day with the eldest child in your family. Please note that online orders must be placed before 11:59pm the night before photo day. Only students that have ordered a family photo will have one taken 


Family Value Pack

1 – 25 x 18cm portrait

2 – 18 x 13cm Portraits

1 – 18 x 13cm B&W portrait

4 – 7.5 x 5.5cm portraits

1 – Personalised 25 x 18cm family calendar

FREE high resolution digital image when ordered online

Family ValuePack