PTV and Student ID Cards

From keeping records of library books to printing out documents and taking exams, Student ID cards are essential in our school system. They provide school administrators with proper identification and accurate records of the student body, which is invaluable and necessary when providing a safe and secure environment for every student.

There are so many benefits to student ID cards and this article will highlight a brand new initiative that schools can apply for in 2023.

The Current Benefits of Student ID Cards

Student ID cards have evolved with technology and now with many embedding a microchip, adding a barcode and a magstripe they are practically mini credit cards. But, they provide a lot of opportunities for students to be independent, self-fulfilling and confident. From an administrator’s point of view, here are just a few reasons Student ID cards are so beneficial.

1. Stronger Security

Photo ID cards make it incredibly easy to identify students and determine whether or not they belong in the area they are in. As schools move into more robust security measures, the Microchip in Mifare cards or Magstripe found on smart cards also makes it easy to regulate and monitor student activity.

2. Stores Student Data Securely

Most school ID cards are Smart Cards and come with an encrypted chip. By having this feature embedded in ID cards, schools are able to securely store student data removing the threat of data breaches and hacks as it can only be accessed through a compatible card reader.

3. Increase of School Spirit

Student IDs are a fantastic way to create camaraderie, competition and school spirit. Designs that include house colours and logos (i.e. Red Dragons), student council-appointed titles (i.e. School Captain) and preferred pronouns as well as a student’s name, class and the school logo generally make students feel welcome and accepted at school. With these additional features in your design, it also improves student participation in school-run activities as there is a sense of competition embedded and being the best house at the school.

4. Improved Control of School Technology

As schools continue to invest in new technologies, your student ID cards can be the perfect way to monitor and control access to school technology. ID cards can act as the access enabler and continue to provide a secure environment for staff and students.

The New Feature to Student ID Cards: PTV approved

In Victoria, it is a requirement that all secondary school students carry a PTV Student ID card as a means to verify their Youth Myki card. It is generally an additional card but in 2022 the Department of Transport has provided schools with the opportunity to have their school IDs approved by Public Transport of Victoria. This saves families time and money and allows students to feel more at ease when travelling on public transport.

Schools can register for their 2023 cards to be approved now. 

To Apply for your PTV Approved Student ID Card

There are a couple of requirements to meet when applying for your PTV-approved school ID they include:

  • The card is printed by an approved card maker such as Arthur Reed Photos
  • The design needs to meet fraud requirements and have a designated white space for PTV
  • Schools will need to agree to the terms and conditions of an IP Licences Deed Poll

Once approved the permission will last for 24 months, so you won’t need to reapply each year.

Get Started with Arthur Reed Photos

One of Arthur Reed Photos’ many additional services is assisting schools with Student ID production and design. If your school is looking to be PTV-approved, get in touch with our team to talk about how we can facilitate your application.