Seamless and secure school database integration

School photos are a rite of passage for parents and students alike. The opportunity of purchasing a professional yet affordable photo keepsake is welcomed by families, but school photos need to do more than look good. School administration systems rely on those photos to be correctly indexed in digital format so they can be integrated into the database. This process relies heavily on compatible software and technological understanding by the school photography provider. At Arthur Reed Photos, we know school administration systems. We’ve worked with hundreds of admin teams to successfully integrate and deliver a student photo database for the purposes of student identification, accurate records and student ID card production. 

Accuracy is essential

As some student bodies number into the thousands, it is critical that student details are entered and indexed correctly. School administration teams are always super busy organising the day-to-day requirements of running an education facility. The last thing they need is an incorrect student record causing the wrong name or image to be allocated to a class or excursion. This can cause confusion for the student and possibly even a dreaded phone call from a parent. That’s why working with an experienced school photographer that understands the need for absolute accuracy during database integration is essential.

Arthur Reed Photos has been capturing student and staff photos for decades, so we’ve developed a trademark system that ensures the right photo is assigned the right name before the transition to your school management system. This is a tried and tested process that a range of public, private, secondary and primary schools have come to rely on for database updates every year.

Compatible Software Solutions

We’ve worked with many school software systems. In fact, we’ve been around so long, we’ve even worked with school database records before the use of digital images! Part of Arthur Reed Photos’ responsibility as a technology provider is to stay up to date with the latest innovations in photography, printing and software. As the photography world and school databases transitioned to completely digital systems, we’ve stayed up to date with the latest software programs employed by school administrations. In order to be able to provide a digital image database that is download-compatible with your database software, we have familiarised ourselves with school management systems including Synergetic, ICON, Compass, SAS 2000 and Cases 21.

Student ID card production

Part of our service is producing student ID cards that are compatible with many school administration systems. Our designs can complement your school’s existing branding and style guides. All cards can also be made to work with PTV readers. Sample cards can also be sent out prior to photo day for testing with your systems before mass production and distribution. Schools can choose from three types of ID cards including barcode, magnetic stripe or a Smart Card/MiFare card.

Security Protocols

In the digital age, all businesses and organisations are constantly under threat from cyber-attacks. A leaked database could damage a school’s reputation and compromise the safety of the students’ identities. Digital security is something we take very seriously during the integration process. We work with an IT partner for effective endpoint security across our internal systems and regularly educate employees on cyber security best practices. Our software has secure, cloud-based storage capabilities with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance. GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). These regulations are over and above the data protection laws in Australia.

Choose the right school photographer

Arthur Reed Photos delivers over 60 years of photography experience and has worked with hundreds of schools across Australia to successfully integrate school photos with school management systems. To find out more please contact 1800 032 028 or get in touch online.