Why Primary School Photos Are Important For Documenting Milestones and Capturing Timeless Memories

As much as we don’t want to admit it, children grow up so fast. Apart from the fact that the pace of life has never been quicker, there are so many important milestones and memories in those early years. It’s also when they experience their most significant physical, emotional and mental growth. Fear not, documenting their milestones by consistently taking photos will allow you to capture those timeless memories forever. So you’ll never forget how cute, and how little, your children once were. But apart from allowing you to walk down memory lane, there are so many more advantages to documenting your kid’s primary school milestone photos than one would think. Let’s take a look at the most interesting advantages.


There’s more to a photo than just the photo.

When we look back at our little one’s primary school photos, we’re transported back to that time in their lives. That’s because photo’s don’t just capture images, they capture entire periods of time. And when you all sit together to go through an album, all those rich details seem to flood back. You’ll remember what their voice sounded like, whether they had a tooth missing, where you lived at the time and who their friends were. And you’ll be able to describe it all to them. Every photo is another chance for you to tell them more about themselves, their family and the world at the time. Those photos become rich snapshots of different times in your life, each one carrying with it a wealth of interesting facts, details and funny stories.

Primary school photos aren’t just for us, they’re for generations to come.

Sitting down and being able to flip through little snapshots of your children’s lives isn’t just reserved for us. Those photos will be priceless to their children, and even more so, their grandchildren. If they do decide to have kids, then those photos will help them show the next generation where they came from and begin to build into their identity. Primary school photos are a great way of passing down stories from one generation to another and strengthening your family bond for years to come.

Another interesting fact is that, to younger kids, seeing their parents at the same age they are today allows them to connect with their parents on a deeper level, because they’re able to see that their parents have walked the same journey they’re on. Seeing where they’ve come from really helps them to gain insights into their own identities and heritage. Not to mention all the laughs you’ll have about family resemblance and who looks more like who.

Photos help our kids focus on their progress.

Many people don’t consider that documenting and celebrating your children’s milestones allows you as a family to reflect on their achievements. It also lets your children see their own progress and appreciate how far they’ve come. Those photos tell the story of your children’s personal growth. Not just physically, but how far they’ve progressed towards their goals, whatever they might be at that age. This can be a massive confidence booster when kids are facing a new challenge. This is because helping them to remember their past accomplishments reminds them what they’re capable of, that they’ve overcome obstacles before and that they can do it again.

They make our homes more… homely.

Nothing makes a home feel more like a home than having pictures of your family over the years, especially from a young age. Photos of our past have a way of grounding us, and reminding us that what makes a home isn’t the building, but the family in it. Especially when those photos represent a good portion of your children’s lives so far. There’s nothing like walking past a photo, smiling to yourself knowing how much they’ve grown, and then joining them in the next room to create another memory for you all to look back on one day.

But it turns out that there are emotional benefits to putting up photos as well. Psychologists believe that displaying family portraits in your home helps your children develop healthy levels of self-esteem by reminding them that they belong and that they have significant value. In fact, it’s believed that those pictures can send signals to a child’s brain reinforcing to them that they are important members of a family unit.

Making it a tradition

The best way to capture your children’s milestones and primary school years is by taking photos consistently over the years. So, why not make it a family tradition? Creating a special tradition around taking those photos adds a sense of excitement and anticipation every time you need to take the next ones. The best way to create the tradition is to do something special on the day. It’s as simple as getting your kids their favourite meal or treat, or doing something they really love afterwards. By making it a fun tradition, the whole process becomes a more memorable and meaningful experience that they’ll look forward to.

A lifetime of memories and milestones

From first days to face paint and everything in between, documenting the milestones of your children’s primary school years is a wonderful way to build their confidence, celebrate their growth and create lasting memories that you can all enjoy for years to come. At Arthur Reid, we’re proud to capture primary school photos and memorable family moments in a timeless and creative way. We use first-class equipment and have our own family of professional photographers who bring expertise, empathy and understanding to every photo we take. After all, the best time to start filling your family album full of photos and rich memories is today.